Technologies That NTI Can Address

Smart Building & IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated & internet-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over a wired and/or wireless network. In a commercial, education, or government building or campus, IoT allows for better management of building systems and utilities. IoT requires a comprehensive structured cabling design and robust wireless connectivity integral to implementing state-of-the-art smart building systems. NTI can provide the expertise needed to implement an IoT solution.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual systems are an important part of nearly every project, whether for business, education, recreation, or the government. Applications can be a simple background music system, a robust interconnected system of conference rooms and classrooms, or massive digital signage at an arena or stadium.

Our consulting and design services address all of the Audio Visual systems, including sound systems, sound reinforcement, sound masking, projection needs, video conferencing, digital signage, video walls, and any specialty AV needs.


Security is part of every project, although the level varies widely by project. For some, security may be CCTV cameras for exterior doors. Others may require dozens of CCTV cameras, access control, motion detection, and remote 24/7 monitoring.

As part of NTI's consultation and design services, we confirm the owner's expectations and security needs. We then ensure our design aligns with the customer's overall philosophy regarding security.


Robust wireless connectivity is "an absolute must" on all projects. These systems require a robust building fiber optic backbone, telco closet equipment, and a high-density layout of access points and/or antennae.

Our designs will support various wireless technologies, including WiFi, Cellular, Emergency Radio Responders, and IoT devices/endpoints.

Structured Cabling system

The structured cabling system supports every low voltage technology and application throughout a facility, including all audio visual systems, security systems, and wireless systems.

NTI handles the structured cabling design. We start with the required technology rooms (MDF, IDF) and pathways to support data, voice, wireless, and TV communications throughout a building or campus.

Cellular Enhancement & Das

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) may be needed to provide a strong cellular signal throughout a building or campus. However, we cannot accurately assess the requirement until the construction is underway, and the walls are up, to account for the building materials' signal interference.

NTI provides a preliminary riser design to prepare for a potential need for a DAS or cellular enhancement system if one is needed.

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