James Lingle at HITEC!

May 2, 2023

James Lingle Featured at HITEC! 

One of NTI’s thought leaders will be featured at HITEC 2023.  James Lingle will discuss how to revolutionize technology and how investing in infrastructure is the key to unlocking progress! The conference takes place in Toronto, Canada on June 26-29th.  

According to HITEC’s website, “As technology continues to advance and upgrades are evaluated, the infrastructure that supports systems may be outdated or inflexible to accommodate new applications that are essential to enhancing the guest experience, improving quality of service, or providing tools for cost savings.  This session will overview considerations of ensuring hardware and software upgrades include adequate infrastructure for the overall technology environment that are important to the Operator and Owner. Additionally, you will be presented with highlights of the importance of advance planning and evaluating all systems along with support components to handle the latest and future technology advancements”

James Lingle headshot

So what exactly are you learning?  

In this session, attendees will:

Learn how to assess a technology project for capital versus operating expenses and allocate funding accordingly.

• Gain insight on various discussion pathways with proven success to obtain owner support.

• Overview the importance of identifying projects' ROI benefits.

• Review how to avoid minimizing infrastructure upgrades that can become obsolete in the short term.  

• Learn about building a long-term capital schedule that takes other projects' infrastructure into account.

When James announced his presenter status at HITEC 2023, NTI couldn’t have been more proud or more sure that James was the perfect choice for this conference. Before joining NTI as Associate Principal, James was already an accomplished senior information technology executive and a leader in his field. His extensive experience includes strategic planning, compliance oversight, analytical problem solving, strategic process improvement, information resource management, and business operations. 

HITEC today is a well-known global event with thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies that have paired up to provide you with the latest in Hospitality Tech news. According to their website, HITEC “serves as a vehicle for distributing the most innovative products and services to the industry worldwide.” 

Its reputation is well known around the industry and NTI couldn’t be more excited to see our very own James Lingle take the center stage! 

Congratulations, James! 

James Lingle at HITEC!

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