NTI's Traditional Senior Living


Industry: Senior Living

Size: Varies

Location: Varies

NTI CLIENT: Edencare, ACTs Retirement

Scope: Structured Cable, AV, Security

Client Objective

NTI has been working on senior living projects since 2001 to help them achieve the goal to provide exceptional and individualized care to all their residents. Our senior living portfolio has over 30 projects, many of which were designed as a traditional assisted living facility, as defined before the Baby Boomer's neared retirement (roughly before 2010).

Over the 2 decades that we have worked on senior living facilities, we have witnessed the change in senior living to include active communities with senior housing available from independent living to hospice care. As the services offered expanded to target the needs of seniors based on their level of activity and health, the industry is increasingly segmenting by the ability to pay, from upscale facilities for active and healthy adults to more affordable options for seniors who are on a limited budget. 

Before the surge of senior baby boomers began, the facilities on which we worked were largely assisted living only, such as:

Edencare - Assisted Living projects in Aiken, SC; Alpharetta, GA; Anderson, SC; Atlanta/Buckhead, GA Champions, TX; Charleston, SC; Gainesville, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Kingwood ; Louisville, KY; Plano, TX; Rock Hill, SC; The Woodlands, TX

ACTS Retirement - Gainesville, GA


NTI Solutions

Data/Voice & Technology systems Cabling Design from the layout of the Equipment Room to all outlet details, including construction documents for hardwired and wireless systems.

AV Systems Design based on client direction to achieve defined objectives, including construction documents and recommendations for specific solutions.

Security Systems Design specific to the project’s defined objective, including intrusion detection and CCTV.

MATV/CATV Cabling System Design including required junction boxes, TV locations, splitters, taps, and amplifiers.