Dollar General Distribution Center

Industry: Industrial

Size: 1,000,000 SF

Location: Blair, Nebrasksa

nti client: Dollar General

Scope: Structured Cable, AV, Security

Client Objective

The Dollar General Distribution Center has the goal to provide valuable products to its served communities, and the company keeps that goal in mind when choosing locations to build. It considers proximity to its stores, local business environments, and available workforce to make its distribution as efficient and productive as possible.

In a November 10, 2020 announcement, Mike Kindy, Dollar General’s executive vice president of global supply chain said, “we are excited for the addition of our first-ever, ground-up dual distribution center, which is to be built in Blair, and look forward to expanding our mission of Serving Others in the Midwest.”  

The Dollar General Distribution Center in Blair, Nebraska is 1,000,000 GSF. Dollar General determined that the dual distribution center (dry goods and cold storage) required a detailed design to assure the functionality and efficiency they desired.  

2022 marked the 12th year that Dollar General has been an ASD client (NTI’s parent company). 

During this time, ASD has performed the low-voltage installation for over 7,000 new stores, and more recently installations for “new and existing” Dollar General Distribution Centers. ASD earned the opportunity to help design the Blair distribution center, and as ASD’s subsidiary and design affiliate, NTI provided the design.  NTI’s first project with Dollar General proved to be one of NTI’s most exciting projects.  

As we most often do, NTI designed the complete structured cabling system, security systems, and audio visual (AV) systems. A more detailed view of our design includes design of a robust wireless infrastructure, a fiber optic cabling system, sound system (speakers throughout), a paging system, CCTV cameras, access control system, and an audio visual package specifically designed for the new distribution center.

The facility is home to state-of-the-art conveyor belt systems that carry various products through the warehouse. The dual distribution center will house, move and distribute Dollar General products and pOpshelf store products. 

J.L. Turner opened the first Dollar General store in 1955. Today, there are over 17,000 stores in 46 states. Turner’s mission is the same today as it was years ago: to provide value products to serve their customers, employees, and communities better in order to promote growth. 

NTI couldn’t be happier to work with a company that holds these values and we’re so pleased that Dollar General selected ASD/NTI for this impressive facility’s design. 

Dollar General Conveyer belt
Dollar General Trucks

NTI Solutions

Facility Technology Design - NTI designed and produced drawings and specifications for the IT/TV infrastructure by coordinating with the design team and the ownership group. Our drawings provided the detail for all

the "Information Transport System" (ITS) elements, including the cabling, technology equipment rooms, cabling pathways, power and HVAC requirements, etc. The completed ITS serves as the information highway for all data, security, TV, AV, and wireless systems for the new facility.

Security - NTI designed the CCTV and card access systems within the scope. The CCTV system design includes

specifications and elevations for security cameras, monitors, alarm systems for perimeter doors, and DVR units.

Audio Visual Services – Included a dynamic background music system that adhered to the owner's require-

ments. The system supports up to four audio sources that can be distributed. Video systems include flat

panels and projectors. The volume controls and source selectors are easy to understand and access, so staff

can control the system without going to a central closet to make changes.

Construction Administration – During the construction phase, NTI personnel responded to RFIs from the

contractors regarding the technology systems' build-out to ensure the design intent. We also visited the site

to personally witness the contractor's progress, workmanship, and adherence to NTI drawings and specifications.

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