Cuyahoga County Convention Center

Industry: Hospitality

Size: Approx. 500,000 SF

Location: Cleveland, OH

NTI CLIENT: VOA Associates Inc. 

Scope: IT and Security

Client Objective

The Cuyahoga County Convention Center has the goal to provide guests with nothing short of a World-Class experience when they come to stay.

The Hilton Cleveland Downtown Convention Center Hotel opened back in June of 2016. It's one of the largest hotels in the city. Convention Center guests will get nothing short of a World-Class experience when they come to stay. This 32-story hotel has put Cuyahoga County in the running to host important national and international conventions, which will be great for the county.

The hotel is over 400,000 GSF and includes 600 guest rooms on 28 floors and 48,000 SF of event space. The 4-story podium consists of meeting rooms, retail space, ballrooms, and the lobby. The largest room setup is 20,825 SF total! There is a bar on the rooftop and the best view of the Cleveland Skyline the city has to offer.

NTI was the technology consultant on the Hilton Cleveland Downtown design team, which includes a 24-hr cafe with locally sourced food, a fitness center, and an indoor pool. Rooms are configured with updated technology like digital key cards, so guests open their room with their phones.

Cuyahoga Convention Center technology consultant
Cuyahoga Convention Center board room

NTI Solutions

Cabling Design - Designed cabling infrastructure, including horizontal and vertical cabling, pathways, cable management, and IDF, MDF and equipment room closet layouts, and all outlet details. The system supports voice and data (POS, PMS, Admin LAN, wireless and hardwired internet) services. We will show conduit and back box requirements for coordination and ultimate incorporation into the MEP documents.

MATV/CATV - Coordinated with the television service vendor and Architect to identify all cabling, junction boxes, TV locations, and riser diagrams to provide a distribution system for the MATV/CATV. We provided layout details for the head-end room and performance specifications for the MATV. With the performance specs, the cable vendor can design, install and ceritfy the new MATV per the equipment vendor requirements.

Security - Designed all security systems to include closed-circuit security cameras, monitors, duress alarms, door contact alarms, alarm control panels, keypads, and motion detectors. We incorporated owner device locations as part of the Construction Documents after a review and sign-off by the owner and vendor.

Audio Visual - AV systems are not in scope for NTI for this proposal. However, we will deliver an ‘addendum’ proposal for the AV systems under separate cover, per request, which provides options for the AV systems dependant on objectives and budgets – minimum standards versus robust convention center systems.

Cuyahoga Convention Center board room