Fulton County Assembly Hall Renovation

Industry: Government

Size: 15,000 sf

Location: Atlanta, GA

NTI CLIENT: Cooper Carry 

Scope: IT, Security, Audio Visual

Client Objective

The Fulton County Board of Commisioners Assembly Hall has the goal to provide citizens a public area to gather, have meetings, perform public ceremonies, and to commune in order to better the county. The Fulton County Board of Commissioners launched a significant renovation to the Assembly Hall Auditorium in May of 2020. The $3.5M project is the first major renovation since the doors opened over 20 years ago. 


The 300+ seat auditorium & Dais renovation includes upgrading the Audio Visual (AV) design and systems. NTI was selected as the AV designer for the new and improved renovated auditorium, which includes:


An upgrade from an SD analog projection system to full HD/4k capabilities with Large format video walls.

  • A 220” Direct-view LED Main display
  • Two 110” displays flanking the Main display for optimal viewing coverage.
  • Full Crestron NVX networked video solution.
  • Shure Digital Discussion system for all Dais seats.
  • Connections to Fulton County Government TV broadcast suite to provide camera, content, and audio feed for broadcast over public access TV channels.
  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera controls for the broadcast director
  • A commissioner's chambers with a large-format LED display and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Interconnectivity between the commissioner's chambers and the main assembly hall allowing the commissioners to receive any source from the assembly hall if desired.
  • A press room that provides local journalists with 3G-SDI video and Line-level audio feeds for convenient ingest into broadcast environments

The collective improvements for the project provides the latest technology benefits available. For example:

  • Fulton county's two Annex locations will have the ability to connect to the main assembly hall during meetings via video tele-conferencing, allowing for remote participation.

  • YouTube/web streaming will be available as an alternative to traditional broadcast using H.264 encoding systems.

  • In the Clerk Well, the clerk technical team will be able to operate the Granicus agenda management and voting system in addition to full AV system control.

  • The clerk area has two dedicated 98" displays to perform functions.

  • The system is equipped with assistive listening via traditional RF and WiFi using ListenTech's ListenAnywhere application on attendee phones.

  • Closed captioning feed is also provided from the broadcast suite back to the assembly hall.

  • A new lighting design with updated controls and new LED fixtures along the presentation walls help showcase the assembly hall's beauty.

Fulton board of commissioners renovation
Fulton board technology av

NTI Solutions

Cabling Design - Designed cabling infrastructure that included horizontal and vertical cabling, cabling pathways, cable management, and IDF, MDF, and equipment room layouts and outlet details. The cabling system will support voice and data services. We will show conduit and back box requirements for coordination and ultimately incorporate them into the MEP



MATV/CATV - Coordinated with television service vendor and architect to identify all cabling, junction boxes, TV locations, splitters, taps, and amplifiers to provide a distribution system to support the MATV/CATV system. We provided layout details for the new head-end room and a performance specification for the MATV distribution system. Using the performance specification, the cabling vendor has the necessary information to design, install and test/certify the new MATV infrastructure (including all amplifiers, taps, and terminations) per the equipment vendor requirements.


Security - The security system includes closed-circuit cameras, monitors, duress alarms, door contact alarms, alarm control panels, keypads, and motion detectors. We incorporated owner device locations in the drawing set as part of the Construction Documents after a thorough review and final sign-off by the owner and operator.


Audio Visual (AV) - Designed audio video meeting room technology, distributed AV systems, display systems, sound recording, reinforcement, and masking systems for meeting rooms and public and community areas. Control systems for evidentiary submittals presentation, distribution, and storage will also be a part of the design scope, as will AV support systems for all administration areas.

Fulton board assembly hall renovation