Department of Labor

Industry: Government

Size: 58,000 sf

Location: Washington, D.C.

NTI CLIENT: Perkins Eastman 

Scope: IT, Security, Audio Visual, Structured Cabling

Client Objective

The Department of Labor (DoL) is a division of the Department of Employment Services (DoES) and has the goal “to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earner, job seekers, and retirees of the United States.” As part of this goal, they also seek to “improve working conditions, advance opportunities for profitable employment, and assure work-related benefits and rights.” 

NTI is proud to have been selected as the technology consultant for the relocation of the Department of Labor standards, a division of DoES (Department of Employment Services). The scope area had 58,000 rentable square feet (rfs) on the first, third, and fourth floors of the DoES building. The space contains formal and informal hearing rooms, a reception hall, lunch area, office quarters, an open workspace, multipurpose meeting rooms, and a library. A feature of the hearing rooms is a sound masking system that provides privacy for those inside along with video conferencing capabilities. This video conferencing system includes room scheduling, microphones at every seat, and a large display for remote participants.

Working for the architect, Perkins Eastman, NTI’s scope of services included the design of the  (data/voice/wireless) structured cabling system throughout the 58,000 rsf, security systems (CCTV and access control) and AV systems in the hearing rooms and meeting areas. And the facility is also equipped with teleconferencing systems for meetings and collaboration with people in other locations.

The Department of Labor was established over 100 years ago in 1913 after years of lobbying. The DOL is a result of organized labor forces actively pursuing protections for workers to improve the welfare of all working people in the United States. Today, the DoL is in charge of protecting 125 million workers and holding 10 million businesses accountable in the United States. 

NTI was pleased to be selected as the technology consultant on this project for a group who is charged with  protecting American workers.   

Outside of Department of Emplyment Services
Department of Employment Services sign

NTI Solutions

Cabling Design - Designed cabling infrastructure that included horizontal and vertical cabling, cabling pathways, cable management, and IDF, MDF, and equipment room layouts and outlet details. The cabling system will support voice and data services. We will show conduit and back box requirements for coordination and ultimately incorporate them into the MEP



MATV/CATV - Coordinated with television service vendor and architect to identify all cabling, junction boxes, TV locations, splitters, taps, and amplifiers to provide a distribution system to support the MATV/CATV system. We provided layout details for the new head-end room and a performance specification for the MATV distribution system. Using the performance specification, the cabling vendor has the necessary information to design, install and test/certify the new MATV infrastructure (including all amplifiers, taps, and terminations) per the equipment vendor requirements.


Security - The security system includes closed-circuit cameras, monitors, duress alarms, door contact alarms, alarm control panels, keypads, and motion detectors. We incorporated owner device locations in the drawing set as part of the Construction Documents after a thorough review and final sign-off by the owner and operator.


Audio Visual (AV) - Designed audio video meeting room technology, distributed AV systems, display systems, sound recording, reinforcement, and masking systems for meeting rooms and public and community areas. Control systems for evidentiary submittals presentation, distribution, and storage will also be a part of the design scope, as will AV support systems for all administration areas.

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