Industry: Education

Size: Approx. 32,000 SF

Location: Atlanta, GA


Scope: IT Cabling Infrastructure, CCTV, Audio Visual systems

Client Objective

Kefi has the goal to bring together parents and children in a unique learning environment where the children have the opportunity to grow and thrive. NTI is proud to have been the technology consultant for this new unique learning/play environment for children and their parents. The areas include a parent lounge & work area, fun field (central play, story cave, toy tropolis), music & dance area, toddler lounge, toy testing lab, retail area, listening lounge, and a coffee shop & café.

KEFI needed technology that will enhance the experience for the end-user but also be flexible and easily adaptable. NTI helped design the AV infrastructure to support the interactive learning systems including the enhanced speaker system for the Story Cave. We also designed the basic AV systems such as the background music and displays with connectivity in the lobby, party spaces, parent pods, staff lounge, and the coffee shop & café.

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NTI Solutions

Security system includes CCTV Surveillance (cameras, monitors, network video recorders, etc) and Intrusion Detection (door contact alarms, alarm control panel, keypads, motion detectors, duress alarms). We will incorporate owner and/or operator device locations in our drawing set as part of the Construction Documents only after a thorough review and final sign-off of those locations has been completed and approved in writing by the owner and operator.

Structured Cabling System (IT) - A standards-based infrastructure consisting of copper and fiber optic cabling to support POS, PMS, Admin LAN, wireless and hardwired Internet access services within the facility.

MATV/CATV Cabling System (IT) - A vendor-compliant cabling infrastructure consisting of Category 6, Fiber or coaxial cabling, splitters, taps, amplifiers, etc as necessary to provide a complete distribution system to support TV signal distribution.

The Audio Visual scope of services will include a dynamic background music system that adheres to brand requirements. This system will support up to eight (8) sources of audio that can be distributed throughout the facility.
In the base meeting room spaces, either a flat panel or projection system will be designed into the room. The display remote that comes with the display will be used for control of the power and input selection of the display in the room.
In each key space, volume controls and source selectors will be placed in areas accessible to staff, to allow for control within the assigned space, thus eliminating the need to go to a central closet to make changes.

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