NTI Managing Principal Change after 25 Years

July 30, 2023

Jeff Cook and partners founded Network Technologies, Inc. (NTI) in the spring of 1998.  Prior to being one of the founders of NTI,  Jeff earned his RCDD after a decade of experience in the low voltage industry.  Jeff’s leadership was the basis of NTI’s growth and reputation to eventually becoming known as thought leaders in the low voltage industry.

Jeff served as NTI’s Managing Principal, leading the fledgling company,  based on a belief that NTI’s growth would be the natural result of earning trust from a client with a first project, then again when the client returned.   That business plan fueled NTI’s consistent growth for 20 years.

Jeff Cook, Managing Principal

By 2018, NTI had grown mostly via the trust of returning clients,  and the new clients who were recommended by existing clients. Also in 2018, NTI became part of a larger organization, ASD, Inc.  Jeff remained as Managing Principal, integrating the new marriage of collective resources to increase productivity via sharing those resources.  Now, Jeff has passed the reins of managing NTI’s future to Scott Dupuis.   Jeff will remain as a senior advisor, and serve as Principal in Charge on some projects. 

Scott Dupuis Managing Principal

Scott Dupuis joined NTI in 1999, so he has earned this promotion to Managing Principal the old fashioned way. For most of his 24 years at NTI, Scott was Jeff’s second in command. Most of our clients who have returned over the years with a 2nd or 22nd project likely know Scott.  

Scott  has also managed NTI’s office in Cobb County for nearly 2 decades, and  has long served as a mentor for new NTI personnel.  And, he has developed many long term relationships as an NTI Principal.   Scott started his consulting career  in 1988 after earning a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Scott’s promotion to  Managing Principal is the result of over  2 decades of outstanding dedicated service with NTI.  And NTI’s two Associate Principals, Ilya Rapoport and James Lingle, add impressive credentials and experience to NTI’s leadership team.

Ilya Rapoport, PMP, RCDD/NTS joined the NTI team in 2005.    His deep knowledge and experience has helped NTI grow from his value  as a mentor internally,  and from the trust he has earned with his returning clients over his 18 years with NTI.  Ilya is a wealth  of information and has been integral to NTI’s internal mission of remaining diligent students of our industry as a foundation for exceptional client service.  

Since becoming an Associate Principal, Ilya has developed trusted relationships with dozens of clients who have returned to him with RFPs for subsequent projects because of Ilya’s outstanding client service.  Ilya was a perfect fit for NTI.  After achieving his M.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Telecommunications, Ilya secured an M.S in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic University. 

NTI Assistant Principal Thought Leader
James Lingle Thought Leader

James Lingle  is NTI’s new kid on the block.  When James joined the NTI family as an Associate Principal in early 2020, he was already a proven senior technology executive who knew NTI very well.  

In 2007, James was the Vice President Information Technology for Sage Hospitality, and a key vote in the decision to hire Jeff Cook and company as technology consultants for the first time.  NTI worked on numerous subsequent projects over the years, with James, and for Sage.

And later when James was lead Principal at James Lingle & Associates, he again recommended and hired NTI.    Simply stated, James was a trusted partner for well over a decade before he became part of our NTI family.

James recently participated by invitation as a Presenter/Panelist at HITEC Toronto held June 26 through 29, 2023.  We are very proud that James was asked to share his insights at  HITEC.  His decades of experience and thought leadership were a welcome addition to the NTI  leadership team.    

James Lingle HITEC Thought Leadership

For 25 years, NTI has grown by treating our clients as partners in pursuit of shared success.  And we continue to strive to be part of collective thought leadership in our industry, by persistently pursuing knowledge, then sharing that knowledge with our clients in order to achieve success with every project.  

As Managing Principal, Scott Dupuis  will  lead an NTI management team with 100 years of industry experience. We believe Scott is perfectly suited to lead NTI to our  future success.   If you know Scott, please join us in congratulating him.

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