Articles of Interest for the 1st Quarter 2023

January 20, 2023

Articles of Interest for the 1st quarter 2023 is a collection of interesting and factual articles needed to help our industry grow, find understanding, and make informed decisions. 

These articles were chosen by the NTI team to bring you the latest advances within our industry. We hope these articles can provide insight on the year to come and help you anticipate the many changes heading for the design world.


Sector Watch: ‘A lot of money on the table’ for Civil Construction This Year

Blackstone, Starwood Among Real Estate Giants Urging Pres. Biden to Repurpose Unused Federal Office Space for Housing

3 Areas Where AI Can Improve CX

Senior Living Executive Forecast 2023: Industry Stands at Crucial Inflection Point

The Global Risks Report

We hope you enjoyed the articles and remember to contact us if you need anything!

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