Congratulations Mike Kennedy on Becoming RCDD Certified

August 4, 2021

Mike Kennedy

Since Mike first started at NTI in 2014, he arrived with 15+ years of experience along with his PMP and LEED certifications. This past July he received his RCDD certification from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). 

The process according to Mike," was a grueling year of preparation. In the end, the effort was well worth the time spent and the knowledge I gained is invaluable." Kennedy feels that the RCDD lends him credibility as a Project Manager and the company in the ICT industry. 

"Moving forward, I feel that I can better serve our clients through the best practices in design and consulting." - Mike Kennedy

Mike has worked on 100+ projects here and he continues to be a great value to not only NTI but most importantly our clients. Congratulations Mike from all of us here at Network Technologies Inc.!


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