United Distributors Training Facility

November 1, 2018

NTI is the technology design consultant for the United Distributors training facility. The 68,000 GSF building includes offices, meeting rooms, a board room, a 24,846 SF keg cooler with a receiving/staging bay, a 19,898 SF Point of Sale Area, and a 13,486 SF split space training area. While the project continues, parts of the training facility are now in use.

united distributors new facility
united distributors training

The United Distributors training facility was an expansion project at their headquartered in Smyrna, GA. The company provides broad statewide distribution coverage for its spirit and wine brands. United conducts its Georgia operations from its Smyrna location and manages warehouse and delivery locations in Savannah and Albany. In addition, United also has an Alabama presence where it operates as United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama.

See United’s 5400 Building update.

The United Distributor’s website explains that the story began in 1940 when the Hertz and Kugelman families helped found the Fulton Distribution Company in Atlanta, GA. Fulton’s success was a catalyst for the development of Standard Distributors and two additional beverage distribution companies in Florida, and another in Augusta, GA. Standard ultimately became United Distributors and changed with the times. But it was always managed by the Hertz family.

In 1982, the founding families divided ownership of their various distributorships. The Hertz and Kugelman families retained United and the Augusta, GA location, and both Florida distributorships.

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