Generator Hostel Miami Open

September 11, 2018

The Generator Hostel Miami boasts the usual features like free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour reception. It has plenty of features that will help you out in a city like Miami, like a pool bar, luxury suites, sun loungers, bike hire, breakfast, and beach towels. A private room starts at US $95 (£73) per room, with a king-sized private room costing US $105 (£81). If you are happy to share, the price to stay in one of the dorms is as low as US $18 (£14) per bed.

Generator Hostel Miami is the first Generator hostel to open in the United States. It isn’t like any other hostel or boutique hotel. The Generator hostel combines affordable luxury rooms with unique social events for the travelers and locals of Europe’s coolest cities. London was the first, followed by Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin. Hamburg, London, Madrid, Miami, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Venice. And now there’s one in Miami.

NTI is proud to have been part of the design of the first Generator hostel. The company was founded by Jeff Cook and his partners to provide professional commercial technology consultation services. Since 1998, NTI has developed impressive portfolios for many markets, with a collective portfolio of over 1,300 projects.

NTI is led by seasoned professionals who carry industry designations such as RCDD, RCDD/NTS, CTS, CTS-D, and PMP. The NTI family and our portfolio continue to grow with projects in most states across the United States, in Canada, the Caribbean, and oversea

Key areas where you will discover the NTI difference:

  • Our Responsiveness – We treat every communication as though a deadline is attached to it… because one is.
  • Our Proactivity– From the time we are retained for a project, we set about identifying project considerations and uncovering potential design or implementation issues. This allows us to resolve, in advance, situations that may cost the project time or money.
  • Our Experience – Our principals average over 25 years each in the business, and those who work for NTI average over 15 years each and are committed to continuing education.
  • Our Focus – At NTI, technology systems design and consultation is our only business, and it is, therefore, our sole focus. We stay abreast of industry trends and are familiar with a vast array of solutions for anything “technology.” It is the lifeblood of our business.

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