Barnsley Garden Expands

March 12, 2018

Barnsley Garden expands its historic southern estate, adding a 55-room inn and a new meeting venue called Georgian Hall.

The resort dates back to the 1840s and was built by Godfrey Barnsley, who was originally from Liverpool, England.  Godfrey Barnsley poured his heart and soul into this grand, Southern estate; a gift for his beloved bride, Julia, two centuries ago.  Today, it is the ultimate retreat to unplug and find balance. If you crave a connection to an outdoor lifestyle, nature, and history and yearn to pursue your passions, then you are most welcome at Barnsley Garden.

This North Georgia resort offers visitors the pleasures and pursuits of a fine Southern estate: exceptional cuisine, a championship golf course, a sporting club, a relaxing spa, excellent horseback riding, and trails and wilderness for hiking, walking, and biking. Ideal for leisure vacations, romantic getaways, business meetings, and sparkling events, this celebrated retreat is just a short drive from both Atlanta and Chattanooga.

The more than 3,000-acre estate exudes historic charm, while also bringing in contemporary elements such as the brand-new 55-room Inn at Barnsley Resort as well as the new 9,000-SF Georgian Hall event space. This new expansion makes it a lot easier for groups to meet, with a total of 150 rooms available.

Barnsley Garden Expands Historic Southern Estate

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