Noelle Hotel Sneak Peak

January 3, 2018

The Noelle Hotel is an example of NTI’s adaptive reuse and restoration projects.  The new hotel has a storied past dating back to 1930.   NTI served as technology consultants for the project.

Check out the slideshow with this story to get a sneak peak at the Noelle Hotel, which includes a coffee shop, multiple bars and a retail store called Keep Shop.

Noelle came of age at a time when downtown Nashville was experiencing a boom of new hotels, department stores and local characters aplenty.  The year was 1930.   With Printer’s Alley at her back and the glow of Broadway just a block away, Noelle has long been at the center of the hustle and bustle that fuels this eclectic city.

Now in its second act, this famed hotel has risen once again to take on its role in Nashville’s rich narrative. Today, Noelle serves as a gathering place for some of the city’s most interesting voices and makers as it continues to contribute to the spirit that makes this place so unique.

Adaptive use projects each have a story.  For those who appreciate projects with a storied past, the  Noelle hotel certainly qualifies.   The hotel is one of numerous adaptive use projects in the NTI portfolio.

Key areas where you will discover the NTI difference:

  • Our Responsiveness – We treat every communication as though a deadline is attached to it… because one is.
  • Our Proactivity– From the time we are retained for a project, we set about identifying project considerations and uncovering potential design or implementation issues. This allows us to resolve, in advance, situations which may cost the project time or money.
  • Our Experience – Our principals average over 25 years each in the business and those who work for NTI average over 15 years each, and are committed to continuing education.
  • Our Focus – At NTI, technology systems design and consultation is our only business and it is, therefore, our sole focus. We stay abreast of industry trends and are familiar with a vast array of solutions for anything “technology”. It is the life blood of our business .

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