Pure Consultants vs Design/Build Team

December 16, 2015

NTI is a full line technology consulting firm.  We are pure consultants in that we do not install or sell any products. Our sole focus is to provide the best value technology solutions for our clients as the owner’s technology advocate.

That means we sell only our expertise, and are not building the facilities we design.  As pure consultants, we remain objective with regard to the build out of the systems we design.  That said,  as commercial technology designers, we have been the design part of many design/build teams over the years.

Our services  most often begin with programming, budgeting, and/or space planning.  We have our own staff of designers to produce AutoCAD/Revit drawings.  These drawings serve as bid and construction documents for the IT/TV cabling infrastructure and the AV and Security systems.

To support our design intent, we also provide in-house Construction Administration services, and of course visit the site during the construction process as necessary.  In addition, we provide procurement management services and implementation management services as required/desired.

NTI has been employed to work as part of the architect’s design team for most of our 900+ projects, working with the GC during construction.  We also, however, have worked for the GC as part of the design/build team on numerous projects.  These projects vary in size from 50-60,000 GSF to well over 1 million GSF under roof.

We take pride in our ability to provide knowledgeable and current advice and design as the owner’s technology advocate.  We just wanted to clarify that while we are never the GC on the project, we have been the designer on numerous design/build teams and, hopefully, shall continue to be in 2016.
NTI was founded by Jeff Cook and his partners to provide professional commercial technology consultation services.  Since 1998, NTI has developed impressive portfolios for many markets including hospitality, multi-family, mixed use and others.  The company is headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA.

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