Renovations are on the Rise

November 8, 2010

Renovations are on the rise, at least from our view of the market.  NTI has seen a sharp rise in RFPs for renovations since the end of the first quarter of 2010.

Heading into November, NTI had secured renovation projects in Indianapolis, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington DC.  We see RFPs for even more renovations, an obvious rise in all types of renovations including adaptive reuse and restoration projects.    The technology in these projects is most often 15 year old, or older,  so these projects  nearly always need the technology to be updated.   This  begins with an evaluation of the existing infrastructure and technology systems early in the design phase, which allows for a confirmation (or adjustment) to the technology budget.

According to Jeff Cook, RCDD and President, “When we get involved during the programming phase of the project, we can help owners avoid costly mistakes.”  Most of these mistakes are avoidable by employing a technology consultant to provide a focus on the technology budgets and space planning during concept or schematic design.  Jeff continues, “When we are brought in late, it is often due to an early oversight, so the solutions cost more than had we been brought in earlier. We pride ourselves on getting the plan complete and right the 1st time reducing problems and delays, which saves our client’s money.”

by John Davis

Business Development Director – NTI


About NTI

NTI was founded by Jeff Cook and his partners to provide professional commercial technology consultation services.  Since 1998, NTI has developed impressive portfolios for many markets, with a collective portfolio of over 1,300 projects.

Our company is led by seasoned professionals who carry industry designations such as RCDD, RCDD/NTS, CTS, CTS-D, and PMP.

The NTI family,  and our portfolio continue to grow with projects in most states across the United States, in Canada, the Caribbean and overseas.

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